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Today’s abandoned dogs are tomorrow’s beloved family pets, therapy dogs and canine good citizens!

We know that just because a dog ends up in a shelter does not mean they are unwanted. These wonderful dogs just need some help in finding the right family for them! We are on our way to 200 successful adoptions since we opened in May 2012 and we’ve even had one family adopt a second dog from us because they were so happy with their experience with us! We know the dogs in our rescue and we take the time to get to know what you are looking for in a dog and what your lifestyle can accommodate so that we can make the perfect match for you!

Once we receive your adoption application, we review it and one of our Adoption Coordinators will call you for a telephone interview. This is a time for you to get to know our organization and for us to get to know you. We will suggest the dogs who we feel may be a good fit for your family and ask you to give us feedback on which of them you would like to learn more about. The next step is that you will be contacted by the foster families of the dogs you are interested in. When you know which dogs you would like to meet based on what you have learned from the foster families, your entire family will meet the dogs in their foster homes. During the meeting, you and your family will interact with the dog and in most cases, if you have another dog or dogs, they will meet the potential new dog through a controlled introduction to be led by the foster family or one of our volunteers.

We will solicit feedback from you and the foster families in deciding which dog is the perfect fit for you and your family. Once we have a match, one of our volunteers will do a brief home visit at your home to confirm that your home is a good environment for a dog. Then it’s time to finalize the adoption with a contract and payment of the adoption fee before scheduling a time to take your new four legged family member home!

At the time that the adoption is finalized, we are happy to recommend trainers for you to work with to complete a basic obedience class or private training, whichever you prefer. We require that our adoptive families complete obedience training because we believe that it helps the dog and family to bond and that better communication with your new dog results in better behavior and a more satisfying relationship for life.

Complete our adoption application to start the journey to finding your new best friend:

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