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At Bella’s Bully Buddies, we appreciate the innocence of all animals and feel that each animal who is neglected, abused and abandoned, deserves an advocate. In the United States, as well as many other places around the world, "pit bull" dogs are exploited by people who abuse them, neglect them, breed them for profit and then abandon them. This has resulted in a shelter system bursting at the seams with these loyal, intelligent and loving animals who are desperate for a second chance. Unfortunately, due to media bias and misconceptions that are in direct conflict with the actual statistics, "pit bull" dogs have been mislabeled. This has created a culture in which these innocent and loving dogs are passed up for adoption by so many people who are not educated about these amazing animals and many of them never get that second chance.

Each of our lives changed the day we brought a "pit bull" into our lives. We immediately learned that being the guardian of a "pit bull" means that you will educate people every day, work to correct the misconceptions and change opinions about what these dogs are really like. What we each receive in return is unconditional love from the most loyal, resilient, loving creatures…we get back so much more than we give. We are so proud to be their advocates and we would like more people from our community to know this feeling by joining us as volunteers, foster providers and guardians of these special dogs.

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