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Without our donors, we simply would not be able to save the lives of so many dogs. All donations are used to provide training, enrichment and veterinary care for the dogs in our care so that they are happy, healthy family pups when they go to their forever homes!


The Word on the Street

I've fostered for many rescues over the years, and Bella's is by far the best. Bella's is a strong and well organized group of dedicated people. I know that if I have a question, or my pup needs a vet visit, I'll get a response right away. I know many other rescues ignore their fosters until an application comes in, but not Bella's. Having fostered 76 dogs in eleven years, I have loved each and every one of the dogs, and I'm thrilled when they get adopted. Fostering is a great way to make a difference - you're saving a life!

Leslie Albertson

Adopting Luna from Bella's Bully Buddies was a great experience! The communication was great starting with my first email of interest all the way through the adoption experience and even after when we had questions. We had the privilege of meeting the founder and several of the fosters who are all great people who have a genuine interest in doing what is best for this misunderstood breed. Luna was our first pitbull and we introduced her into our existing four legged family and we were given a lot of advice on how to do introductions and manage the process. We have be one friends with Luna's foster mom and keep in touch with her on a regular basis. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt Luna who is changing people's ideas of what pitbulls are really like!

Shelli and Mark Giardino

Bella’s Bully Buddies gave me the opportunity to help save the life of a wonderful dog through fostering. Fostering is rewarding, lots of fun and, like most worthwhile undertakings, full of surprises and challenges. Bella’s has given practical and emotional support to Loki and me since I brought him home from the shelter, skinny and sick. They provided vet care and advice to get him well. They hooked us up with a wonderful trainer who allows fosters to go through her training class for free. Bella’s is incredibly well-organized from sending out the monthly preventives to hosting all sorts of educational and promotional events to keeping up to date on the specific needs every dog in foster care. The women who run Bella’s are tireless, kind (people AND animal people), resourceful and a constant inspiration. While fostering in the past I have at times felt discouraged and isolated but not this time. Bella’s fosterers and volunteers have a very active Facebook page where I have learned lots and been made to feel a part of a community doing good work. In my experience there is little more rewarding than introducing a neglected dog to love and structure in a foster home and then helping him or her find a loving forever home.

Nancy Prusakowski

What We're All About

We Offer Training

When you foster for Bella’s Bully Buddies, you get to work with our talented and dedicated professional trainers at no cost to you!

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Adoption Saves Lives

Today’s abandoned dogs are tomorrow’s beloved family pets, therapy dogs and canine good citizens!

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We Love Our Volunteers!

We have opportunities for you to help us save lives by transporting, taking a dog to training class and helping with events to name a few!

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